Definition of strength

Sometimes, they even suffer mental breakdowns. Power of mind; intellectual force; the power of any faculty; as strength of memory; strength of reason; strength of judgment. The maximum tensile stress should be less than https: His determination shows real strength of character.

The failure is by a fracture that appears to be brittle with little or no visible evidence of yielding. Generally, higher the range stress, the fewer the number of reversals needed for failure. Power of resisting attacks; fastness; as the strength of a castle or fort.

However, when the stress is kept below "fatigue stress" or "endurance limit stress", the part will endure indefinitely. A purely reversing or cyclic stress is one that alternates between equal positive and negative peak stresses during each cycle of operation. Understanding and Dealing With Stress Classes: Vigor; natural force; as the strength of natural affection.

KJV Dictionary Definition: strength

Many different things can cause stress -- from physical such as fear of something dangerous to emotional such as worry over your family or job. Such failures are called fatigue failure. Identifying these environmental stresses and learning to avoid them or deal with them will help lower your stress level.

The maximum shear stress theory is conservative.

burst strength

This is internal stress and it is one of the most important kinds of stress to understand and manage. Repeated loading often initiates brittle cracks, which grow until failure occurs. Internal Stress - Have you ever caught yourself worrying about things you can do nothing about or worrying for no reason at all?


But force is also used to denote the effect of strength exerted, or the quantity of motion. Stress can affect both your body and your mind. The allies, after a successful summer, are too apt upon the strength of it to neglect preparation for the ensuing campaign.

For a complete Scripture study system, try SwordSearcher Bible Softwarewhich includes the unabridged version of this dictionary. Some people become addicted to the kind of hurried, tense, lifestyle that results from being under stress. Maximum Shear Stress Theory — This theory postulates that failure will occur if the magnitude of the maximum shear stress in the part exceeds the shear strength of the material determined from uniaxial testing.

Out of these four theories of failure, the maximum normal stress theory is only applicable for brittle materials, and the remaining three theories are applicable for ductile materials. This theory postulates that failure will occur when the distortion energy per unit volume due to the applied stresses in a part equals the distortion energy per unit volume at the yield point in uniaxial testing.

Understanding and Dealing With Stress

Many machine parts fail when subjected to a non steady and continuously varying loads even though the developed stresses are below the yield point. Maximum Normal Stress Theory — This theory postulates that failure will occur if the maximum normal stress in the part exceeds the ultimate tensile stress of the material as determined from uniaxial testing.

Vividness; as strength of colors or coloring.Definition of strength from the Collins English Dictionary The dash (–) A spaced dash(i.e.

with a single space before and after it) is used: at the beginning. strength - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Strength is the property of being physically strong (you can do, say, push-ups) or mentally strong (you can calculate percentages in your head while people are shouting at you).

number, as of personnel or ships in a force or body: a regiment with a strength of effective force, potency, or cogency, as of inducements or arguments: the strength of. Going public and offering stock in an initial public offering represents a milestone for most privately owned companies.

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Definition of strength
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